Health benefits of a food dehydrator

We’ve discussed the practicality and range of great tasting foods on the site but let’s take the time to go over the actual health benefits.

​It’s not often you find a real win win situation when it comes to food. There always seems to be a catch!

It’s happily the case with dehydration that it can expand your range of available foods while making it more practical to produce and easier to maintain and keep up amongst a hectic daily life and schedule.

​So what makes them so useful and healthy at the same time?

​There’s a few key points to bring up.

​Food dehydrators will allow you longer and safer storage of a variety of foods and even meats while still retaining almost all of the vitamins and minerals that were originally present before the dehydration process.

​It’s easy to think initially that the dehydration process might remove some of the “goodness” from a product such as a fruit but this actually isn’t the case! The main thing that is removed from the product during the process is, as the name implies, water.

health benefits food dehydrator


​Studies have shown that the retention of healthy enzymes and nutrition following the dehydration process is remarkably close to 100%. The process also ensures that the retention of the alkalinity of the produce in question has the added benefit of actually limiting the physical growth of certain types of bacteria.

We’ve gone over the need for safety while doing the dehydration process itself but we can clearly see that once this is done you end up with a great tasting unique product that will last for a significant period of time!

With a modern solar or electric dehydrator you’re looking at removing about 75% of the moisture from the product. In the case of food this doesn’t actually remove flavour – indeed it does the opposite by removing only the moisture and concentrating the flavour into the remaining product.

Although the general removal amount is around 75% it’s better to be on the safe side and over dehydrate the product than the opposite. This just ensures that it remains healthy and safe and gives a consistent minimum shelf life as a dehydrated product. A fascinating fact provided by the Department of Nutrition states that properly dehydrated foodstuffs such as rice and corn can last as much as thirty years!

The nutrition of vegetables and fruit in a vitamin sense is impressive also. As we know it’s just the moisture that is removed. Almost all Vitamin C is retained following the dehydration process and Vitamins A and B are also almost entirely kept. The mineral content of the vegetables and fruit particularly that you might put in your solar or electric dehydrator is also almost entirely kept in the product, with minerals such as potassium, magnesium and selenium staying in the item following the process being completed.

Real Life

​It’s worth bringing up the subject of real life and the average busy person when it comes to discussing health. As the paragraphs above confirm, on a scientific sense it’s known that dehydrated products retain their fantastic nutrition and mineral content. But it’s also the fact that the processed goods are more easily stored and have a longer shelf life.

How many times have you been half way into a manic work day and just don’t have the time to pack some fruit into your daily intake? Nothing’s worse than a mushy apple or bruised banana after rattling around the interior of a hot car or packed lunchbox or Tupperware piece. It can also be a pain just finding room to properly keep fresh fruit and vegetables in your fridge or kitchen.

The fact that you can package dehydrated fruit and veg more easily and keep them for longer means that you’re more likely to actually eat that product. Small barriers like being able to store product and keep its quality can mean that at the end of the day you might not even eat that just for that reason alone.

Removing those barriers by making the healthy products in your life easier to store and retain means you’ll be more likely to pick some up and actually eat it. It’s making your life easier in small ways when it comes to health that can have an enormous impact and set you on a positive trend towards good health.

So what are you waiting for? A small purchase can enhance the variety of healthy foods in your life and make them easier to access. With a small purchase out of the way you really can’t go wrong. Delicious.

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